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Tasting Notes


  1. 2022 "Unoaked" Chardonnay - Ancient Lakes 

    The beautiful bouquet is filled with aromas of candied orange rind, fresh guava, pineapple and a hint of peach preserves. On the tastebuds this wine offers a nice heaviness on the tongue, which gives the wine some depth and breadth. For food pairings, try semi-soft mild goat and cow’s milk cheeses such as Humboldt Fog. $25/bottle

  1. 2021 Rosé of Cabernet Sauvignon - Horse Heaven Hills

    Classic pink blush color with red wine-like flavors of green bell pepper, cherry sauce, black currant, and pepper spice with moderately high acidity. As far as pairing, think BBQ and brunch foods.  Pairs well with hamburgers and hot dogs, BBQ chicken, most Mexican food, grilled sausages, egg dishes, cold chicken and tuna salads, green salads, and quiche.  $25/bottle

  1. 2019 Cabernet Franc – Columbia Valley - Deep intense color. Tobacco and cigar box notes with subtle hints of ground coffee, leather, and olives.  Velvety on the tongue with jammy fruit-forward (blueberry and raspberry) flavors well supported by the tannins. Higher acidity makes it possible to pair Cabernet Franc with tomato-based dishes, vinegar-based sauces (smoky BBQ anyone?), or rich legumes like black beluga lentils. $35/bottle

  2. 2019 Malbec - Yakima Valley

    Dark plums, dried Bing cherries, ripe figs, earthy aromas of fresh cigar, and cracked black pepper. Pairs extremely well with leaner red meats, and even lighter cuts like dark meat turkey or roasted pork. The pairing secret of Malbec is that it works well with pepper, sage, creamy mushroom sauces, melted cheese, and in particular, blue cheese. YUM $35/bottle